Congo river

This river also known as Zaire river, is one of the biggest rivers in world.

It is the deepest river in the world, with 700 feet, and contains 4,000 islands.

Here are some pictures:

Little about the history of this river: 1482. Diogo Cao from Portugal on the way to African coast, had a problem with the drinking wather on boat. In last moment, this man saw brown wather rushing into ocean. He followed that source which was finally the famous Congo river.

In his last voyage, 1484. he never came back to Europe, because he mysteriously disappeared along with his men who was sent to find the king of Congo in that time.

A journalist from New York was the first man after a long time unsuccessufully reaching to the heart of this country. It happened 1874. and his name was Henry Stanley, who also is still the only man who travelled all the river, and finished this trip 1877. He was also remembered as the one who started creating cities and roads in this country.

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